The Power of Gratitude

Dear Friends,


I was touched the other day by something written by our District Superintendent, Dr. Aleze Fulbright.  She travels quite a bit in her position, not just within the state of Indiana to various Methodist churches and events, but to locations outside the area where she has to go by airplane.


While she was passing through an airport not long ago, she stopped into the bathroom and was washing her hands, when she noticed a maintenance worker cleaning up in one part of the room.  Dr. Fulbright just spontaneously said to the woman working, “Thank you for your invaluable service in cleaning this restroom!  It is appreciated.”


When she said this, she noticed the eyes of the woman begin to well with tears.  She asked if she was okay, and the woman said she was, but that most people who come through don’t even notice her, they just walk on by, in many ways she and others like her are invisible -- and for Dr. Fulbright to see her and thank her made all the difference.


Dr. Fulbright sums her experience up with this woman by writing: “Friends, I am more convinced than ever that we need to begin seeing all people as beloved children of God, created with sacred worth, and appreciate the humanity they embody.”


It seems like just about every week there is another article or news story somewhere that talks about the epidemic of loneliness and isolation that is a growing phenomenon in our culture.  More people than ever are wanting and needing to be seen and appreciated.


I am challenging myself and I am challenging you, especially in these seasons upcoming of Thanksgiving and Christmas, to not just focus on ourselves, but to be on the lookout for other people who may simply need to be noticed, to see those around us with the love and compassion of Jesus.


To look, to notice, to see, to be grateful – I believe there is great power in this.


Grace and Hope to you,


Pastor Duane