"Offering Grace and Hope:  Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There”

February 21, 2021

Matthew 4:1-11

As he began his public ministry, Jesus went through a period of 40 days in the wilderness, being tempted, fasting, reflecting, preparing for the future.  Periods of reflection and preparation for what is to come are also appropriate for an individual and a church.

“Offering Grace and Hope:  Laying the Foundation”

Frbruary 28, 2021

John 3:1-16


Being born anew into a relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation upon which we can build our lives.  What are the foundational stories of Southport United Methodist Church upon which we have built a powerful and effective ministry.

“Offering Grace and Hope:  Beyond These Walls”

March 7, 2021

John 4:5-42


Jesus met people where they were, and helped them face and resolve their spiritual needs.  We need to always be willing to go beyond the walls of our church to meet people where they are and help them with their spiritual needs.

“Offering Grace and Hope:  The Future of Our Past”

March 14, 2021

John 9:1-41


Jesus healed many, including opening the eyes of a man who had been blind since birth.  When we allow God to open our eyes, what do we see about our future and what we might become?

“Offering Grace and Hope:  The Energizing Center”

March 21, 2021

John 11:1-45


Jesus created a kind of energizing center around him wherever he went – healing, helping, bringing new life.  The church, this institution Jesus created, can also be an energizing center – the place from which so much healing, helping, and living activity gets its start and radiates out into the community and world.

“Offering Grace and Hope:  Raising Our Expectations”

March 28, 2021

Mark 11:1-11

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday, expectations were sky high for what might be the salvation of the world.  As we look forward on this present Palm Sunday, what are we expecting as individuals, followers of Jesus, and as the church of Jesus Christ?  Is it possible for us to raise our expectations, to see what great things might be accomplished through us? 

“Offering Grace and Hope:  Where Do We Go from Here?”

April 4, 2021

Mark 16:1-8

Mark’s Gospel is unique, in that the original ending has no post-resurrection appearance of Jesus.  The disciples are simply told that Jesus was going ahead of them into Galilee and they were to follow.  Where do we see God leading us?  To what places of ministry is God drawing us?  Will we follow where he leads?