Sermon Series:

Jesus Asks (Lent) 


“Jesus Asks: Who Do You Say That I Am?”

Mar. 6, 2022


Matthew 16:13-20


Do you think it matters what words or names we use to describe or identify who Jesus is? What are some of those words or names that are used? Who do you say that Jesus is in your life?

“Jesus Asks: Do You Want To Be Well?”

Mar. 13, 2022


John 5:1-18


It seems odd to think that someone might be sick and not want to be well. And yet, among other things, we sometimes nurture resentments against people who have hurt us and harbor prejudices against those who are not like us, rather than go through the complicated and time-consuming task of being made well from these feelings. Are there any places in your life where you are willing not to be made well?

“Jesus Asks: Who Is Your Neighbor?”

Mar. 20, 2022


Luke 10:25-37


How far are you willing to go to help or serve someone? How far do you think Jesus is trying to challenge you to help and serve? In what ways might we need to change our perspective and vision about others to more joyfully help and serve?

“Jesus Asks: What Do You Want Me to Do for You?”

Mar. 27, 2022


Mark 10:46-52


One of the most important things we can do to really flourish is to take ownership of our lives, meaning to admit to our own failings and shortcomings, rather than to blame and criticize others. This allows us to seek help, most of all from God, to adjust and overcome and move forward.

“Jesus Asks: Do You Want to Leave Me Too?”

April 3, 2022


John 6:60-69


So many of the early followers of Jesus simply left and went away when the teachings of Jesus became too difficult. Even the Twelve betrayed and denied and ran away from Jesus when circumstances were hard. How about us? Will we leave him too when our faith is not what we expected or becomes inconvenient or burdensome?

“Jesus Asks: Is This Not a House of Prayer for All People"

April 10, 2022


Mark 11:1-11; 15-19


What does it mean for our church to be a house of prayer? And what does it mean for us to be available for all the nations, to minister to all people? Is there anything we need to change about the church to accomplish this? Anything we need to change about our perception of or attitude toward prayer and/or all people?

“Jesus Asks: Why Do You Look for the Living Among the Dead?”

April 17, 2022 (Easter Sunday)


Luke 24:1-12


In what ways do we fail to fully grab hold of the life of resurrection that Jesus offers us today? What hurt, grief, loss, bitterness, resentment, worry do we hold onto and nurture when we could have a life of abundance and freedom?