“The Book of Revelation: Apocalypse Pretty Soon”

June 6, 2021

Revelation 1:1-8; Matthew 24:36-44

So many people are teaching about and studying the Book of Revelation. They see hints and signs in the Bible about the end of the world and when that will occur. Are we living in the end times? Will we actually be able to know when the end will come and Christ will return? What does Revelation teach? How does it tell us to live?

“The Book of Revelation: You Never Forget Your First”

June 13, 2021

Revelation 2:1-11


The Book of Revelation is addressed to seven important churches in the first century AD. One church, in Ephesus, is told that they have forgotten the love they had at first. Despite all we do here at Southport UMC, is there any sense the we have forgotten our first love? As Christians, what exactly should our first love be? How do you get it back?

“The Book of Revelation: Being Lukewarm in a Hot or Cold World”

June 20, 2021


Revelation 3:7-22


One church that is written to in the Book of Revelation, Laodicea, is told that it is neither hot nor cold, it is lukewarm. In what ways are we lukewarm in our spiritual faith? How do we become hot once again?

“The Book of Revelation: In the Eye of the Perfect Storm”

June 27, 2021


Revelation 6:1-8; 7:9-17


The Book of Revelation reveals many images of massive violence and the destruction of the world. Is violence and destruction the main theme? Or does the main them of Revelation have more to do with what God does in the face of the violence and destruction that is coming, and that is here?

“The Book of Revelation: Apocalypse Pretty Soon”

July 4, 2021


Revelation 20:1-15


In the Book of Revelation God uses some dramatic images to get our attention. If the message of these images is to turn yourself around and get going in the right direction before it’s too late, where are those places in your life where you need to turn around and go in the right direction?

“The Book of Revelation: Apocalypse Pretty Soon”

July 11, 2021


Revelation 21:1-7; Ecclesiastes 3:9-14


The Book of Revelation talks about a new heaven and a new earth. What do we think heaven will be like? What can we know for sure about heaven? Is heaven only a place we might go when we die, or can heaven be in some sense a part of our lives now?