Sermon Series:

What If 


“What If...There is More?”

Sepember 19, 2021

Luke 12:13-21 (NRSV)


What is it that determines your value and your success in life, your significance?  Is it your investment portfolio, how much you have in the bank, what you own or possess? What if there is more to life?        

“What If...God Does Have a Plan?”

Sepember 26, 2021

Jeremiah 29:11-14; Romans 8:28-39 (NRSV)


Has your life been going according to plan? Whose plan? Yours? Someone else who has influenced you?  Or maybe there is no real plan?  What if God has a plan for your life?  What must you do to find out what His plan is and follow that plan?

“What If...Jesus Can Give Us a New Direction and a New Life?

October 3, 2021

John 10:1-10 (NRSV)


Do you ever feel like you’re headed in the wrong direction?  Does it sometimes seem that your life is less than joyful and abundant?  What if Jesus can give you a new direction and a new life?  What if you have the courage to follow that path?

“What If . . . One Person Can Make a Difference?”

October 17, 2021

Luke 10:25-37 (NRSV)


We so often hear the lament: “What can I do to really make an impact on the world?  I am only one person.  What can one person do?”  What if we changed our mindset to realize the impact we can have, whether on one or many?  What if we were inspired by other stories, from the Bible and from today, for what one person can do?

“When What If Becomes What Is”

October 24, 2021

John 6:1-14 (NRSV)

Jesus show us how what can seem to be absolutely impossible and outlandish can become real right before our eyes.  People who have no prospects and no potential can see their lives nourished and encouraged and transformed.  Sometimes “What If” can become “What Is.”