Sermon Series:

Grace & Hope 


“You Must Be Dreaming”


June 2, 2024

Pastor Duane, preaching

Genesis 37:1-11


What are your hopes and dreams for your life and for the future? What are you doing to pursue those dreams? How are you allowing God to work in your life in pursuit of those dreams? Today, we are intro-duced to Joseph, the dreamer, and his lifelong guest to know God and be used by God for some grand purpose.

"When You’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up”


June 9, 2024

Pastor Duane, preaching

Genesis 39:1-23


There are those times in our lives when we fall. Sometimes we do it to ourselves, and sometimes things happen through no fault of our own; that is just life. What matters is how we respond when we fall – whether we become angry or bitter, or whether we allow God to work in our life to help raise us to a new level of living.

“Overcoming Your Fear of the Dark”


June 16, 2024

Pastor Duane, preaching

Genesis 40:1-23


Just as Joseph was imprisoned in a dark cell, so sometimes a darkness can come in and overshadow our lives. Is there any sense of darkness or foreboding in your life? Loss, difficulty, failure? How can you allow the presence of God to be a light that casts out this darkness?

“Forgive and Remember


June 23, 2024

Pastor Duane, preaching

Genesis 45:1-15


Joseph had to construct a whole new way of re-membering some of the bad things that had happened to him, seeing God’s hand creatively and positively at work in all of it. Do you see how God has been at work in your life, in the past, and in the present, and how God might be working even now to create your future?

“Praying Our Goodbyes


June 30, 2024

Pastor Duane, preaching

Genesis 50:15-21


Just as Joseph said goodbye to his brothers, and wept and prayed over them, so Brenda and Duane are say-ing their goodbyes to Southport United Methodist Church. We have loved being present with you, and hope that we might see you again, and pray Godspeed to each of you for the future.