A Note On The Windshield

Dear Friends,


I like to walk as part of my regular exercise routine, and there was one morning a few years ago when I had been out walking on a trail. I had left my car in the parking lot at the trailhead, and when I was finished and approaching the car, I saw a note on my windshield.

I’m not sure why, but my heart kind of sank as I lifted the wiper to retrieve the note – something was wrong with the way someone thought I parked my car, no doubt, or someone had made a little dent in my car somewhere and was telling me about it.


But the note on my windshield said this:


FYI: If you are the observant person who saw a large nail in my tire and were kind enough to let me know – possibly saving me from getting caught somewhere with a flat – a Heartfelt Thanks!


So, instead of a negative note, I ended up with a note that kind of made my day. I was not actually the observant person who saw the nail in the tire (not that I wouldn’t have left a note had I observed a nail, it’s just that, as Brenda sometimes reminds me, I’m just not that observant). So I was thanked for something I didn’t do, while someone else did a kind deed and didn’t receive a thank you.

Nevertheless, as I say, this note made my day. Wouldn’t it make yours, if you got it? Maybe it’s knowing that there are people out there who do observe and try to help when they can. Maybe it’s knowing that there are people who are quick to express their gratitude, even if they don’t always know to whom they are grateful.

Random acts of kindness, as we sometimes call it, and anonymous gestures of gratitude.

So, after making a copy of the note for me to remember it by, I left it on someone else’s windshield the next time I was out there on the same trail. I thought it was probably a longshot that it would get into the right hands, but I felt it would keep this chain of anonymous appreciation going a little while longer.

Grace and Hope to you,