Book Pillows of Hope

Dear Friends,


            Pastor Brandon mentioned this in worship over the weekend while I was on a little Covid break, but I thought I would reiterate the information about a wonderful group connected to our church that has been doing some great work and is being highlighted this week.


            “Book Pillows of Hope” is a group of more than 50 women from all over Indianapolis, including four members of our church where the group was founded, Kathy Buck, Jeanne Floyd, Sally Hulfachor, and Nancy Van Vorst.  As the name of the group says, they sew pillows that carry a book in them that share hope.  The book pillows promote literacy and are distributed to children, usually infants through 5th graders, who are facing difficult situations.


They have gone, among other places where they are needed, to the Ronald McDonald House, St. Francis Hospital, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, Southport Police, and elementary schools in Perry Township.  Book pillows were even sent to the school in Highland Park, the small town near Chicago, following the shooting there on July 4, and 150 have even been sent to children in Ukraine!


            Material, stuffing and a whole lot of books have been donated in support of this group’s work, and financial contributions as well.


            This week, Scott Swan, news anchor for local TV station Channel 13, who spoke at our church back in February, is lifting up Book Pillows of Hope.  Every week he has a segment called “Send The Love” whereby he highlights during the evening news an Indiana non-profit that is doing good work to help people.  He asks for donations to support their work and even help them reach more people.


Book Pillows of Hope is the significant organization Scott is mentioning this week.  You may have seen him do so last night on the news. He gives a running total of the funds raised all week.  (Click on the button below for a link.)


So, hats off to those who are already involved in making these book pillows, and those who have been supporting their work through material and financial contributions.  And hats off to those who are just recently learning about this important effort and are lending their support to it now.


Grace and Hope to you,


Pastor Duane