Continue to Thrive!

During January, our sermon series has been "Thrive" (how to thrive in the new year). God wants us to thrive as a church, He wants our church's ministries to thrive, and He wants each of us individually to thrive. We have learned various ways to help us thrive as we continue our journey as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Do you know that the theme for Student Ministry for 2020 is, "a little less me and a little more Jesus." I think our youth have the right idea. If we can all practice that, we will all thrive!

One way we can thrive is to experience Communion as a means of grace - a means by which we experience the grace of God in our lives and through that grace, have hope. We have the opportunity to experience Communion on Thursday, January 30, and Sunday, February 2. Sunday, February 2 is also the day that we have our community meal, sharing the grace in our lives with our brothers and sisters here.


February starts with Communion. Coming up at the end of February, we begin the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday February 26. During Lent, we will have an all-church study called "24 Hours That Changed the World." Be watching for opportunities to sign up to attend this study (with a meal beforehand).

Have a great February!