Our goal at Southport UMC always was and remains to be to do what is necessary to keep those that come into our doors on a weekly basis as safe and healthy as possible. So, we have continued to stay in touch with regards to trends in our community related to COVID.

As you all are probably aware, COVID cases in Indiana and Marion County specifically continue to go up. Marion county is an "orange" county again. Positive test results and positivity rates are back up to where they were in January of this year. We know that vaccinated people, as well as unvaccinated people are still contracting COVID.

We all may know of family and friends that have tested positive for COVID, some of which have been fully vaccinated. In fact, there were two people who have been fully vaccinated for COVID that have now tested positive, and they were here at Southport UMC in worship this past week.

The purpose of this email is three-fold. One, we want to be as transparent as possible and let everyone know that we did have folks in the building that have tested positive.

Two, we want to let you know that we will continue to monitor what is happening with COVID and make any recommendations needed to continue to be responsible related to the health and safety of our congregation.

And finally, because of what I have stated above, we now want to encourage you to wear a mask at worship for a while, so that we are all doing everything possible to prevent COVID from spreading to those that choose to worship in person in this place. (This is an encouragement, not a requirement at this time.) If recent trends with COVID require you to worship at home instead of in the building, know that our online worship service continues to be available each Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

We pray that each one of you are taking actions you feel are appropriate to keep you and your family and friends safe and healthy.

Grace and hope to you,
Pastor Doug