Dear Friends,

I came across this little piece of wisdom not long ago that I thought might give you a different perspective and insight as we continue our Lenten journey this year. We often think of giving something up for Lent so that we might gain some new spiritual understanding, and one of the ways to do that is through fasting, intentionally abstaining from something we like to do for a while -- let's say, eating and drinking -- so that we might focus our mind and reflect on our life and our connection to God and other people.

The following lets us know that there are many ways to fast and abstain, in order to intentionally change the direction of our lives:


Fast from hurting words and say something kind.
Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude.
Fast from anger and be filled with patience.
Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope.
Fast from worries and trust in God.
Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity.
Fast from pressures and be prayerful.
Fast from bitterness and fill your heart with joy.
Fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others.
Fast from grudges and forgive.
Fast from words and be silent - so you can listen.

I'm picking one or two of the ideas mentioned here, one or two areas in which I know I have the most trouble, and intentionally trying to abstain or refrain from going in those directions so I can travel a different, better, more helpful path. And I invite you to do the same.

The Journey of Lent Continues. Grace and Hope to you,

Pastor Duane