Dear Friends,

A few years ago, I attended a meeting with some other ministers, and the leader of our opening devotions asked us all this question: "Where do you go to think about God?" It's kind of an interesting question that might be good for each of us to ask ourselves: "To what specific places in our life do we go to think about God?"

As I was thinking about this though, thinking about the places at church and home where I pray and meditate and read the Bible, I was struck by the idea, not that I go to certain places to think about God and find God, but that God always seems to find me - wherever I am.

For example, in the kindness of friends and strangers. In a word of encouragement that seems to come just when we need it most. In worship, in music, in nature. In a moment of conscience, when we turn from the easy way to the right path. In a hopeful thought about what might be possible, even though things look difficult and bleak.

In all of these kinds of instances, and so many more, I think we find God, or maybe it's better to put it this way, that God finds us. And maybe to know that we don't have to go looking for God, because he always seems to find us anywhere and everywhere, allows us to be more at peace in knowing that God is always there, when we need him and turn to him.

Grace and Hope to you,

Pastor Duane