Dear Friends,

Someone recently mentioned a story I may have told you before about a little boy who, as he was growing up, came to hate his mother's hands. They were coarse and rough and gnarled. He thought they were such ugly hands, and he was embarrassed to have his friends or anyone else see them.


One day he asked his mother how she had gotten such ugly hands. He had asked before, and she'd never told him, but she thought now that perhaps he was old enough to know. So she told him about a fire in their home when he was just a baby, and he was trapped in his crib with flames all around. No one else could reach him, several had tried, but somehow his mother got to him, and carried him to safety. But in the process, her hands were badly burned.


When she told him, the little boy grabbed her hands and held them up to his face, and said, "Mother, you have the most beautiful hands!"

This story speaks to me on a number of levels. It certainly reminds us of the love and sacrifice that is sometimes required of a mother (and a father too) to protect and nurture a child. And it speaks of the love and service and help we often are willing to give to one another as human beings when we are in need.

But perhaps most of all, it tells us once again of the grace and love of God the Father and Jesus the Son, whose beautiful hands were also not without blemish as he came to rescue us and save.

Grace and Hope to you this week,

Pastor Duane