Is It Time To Resign?

I read the following from an article called "The Weight of the World." The article was in "Preaching Today" from 1995. But I think the message is timeless. It could have been written yesterday because these issues never seem to change. What caused worry in 1995 will cause worry today. If not, worry will be caused by something else. So don't worry, you will worry about something! So, maybe it is time to resign . . . read on . . .

George McCauslin, some time ago, was one of the greatest YMCA directors ever. He served at a YMCA in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. This particular YMCA was losing membership, had some financial difficulties, and had terrible staff problems. He found himself working 85 hours a week. He got little sleep at night. He took little time off. And when he was off, he spent most of his time fretting and worrying about the problems at this YMCA.

He consulted a therapist who told him that he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He needed to learn how to let go and let God into his life. But he didn't know how to do that.

George decided to take an afternoon off and take a walk through nature to think, clear his head, and get in touch with God. He took a pen and pad of paper with him just in case he needed to write something down. As he walked in the cool woods, he could feel himself relaxing. He sat down under a tree, and he felt relaxed for the first time in months.

He finally decided he would let his burdens go. So he took out his pad of paper and the pen and wrote the following: "Dear God, I hereby resign as general manager . . . of the universe. Love, George."

And looking back, George recalled that . . . God did accept his resignation.

Is it time to resign (from doing God's job and trying to manage the universe in a manner of speaking)? It might be time to do just that, time to resign and "let go and let God . . ."
Remember: "Don't worry, be happy!"

Grace and hope to you.
Pastor Doug