It's Almost Christmas!

I know it is mid-November. But if you follow Facebook, you know that there have been many posts with a countdown to Christmas, some from Buddy the Elf, some from the Hallmark channel, some from just regular folks. I think actually I might have seen one post counting down the time until Christmas 2020, right after Christmas 2019. But the official countdown to Christmas has started, and it has started on the Hallmark channel and I think this is the gold standard of measurements for these things. (Truth be told, I think I watched my first Christmas movies of the season in September long before Hallmark started counting down.)


But let's look at this "almost Christmas" notion from a different perspective, other than a countdown to December 25 that we mark by watching movies. How about we look at it being "almost Christmas" in our hearts. We have it, but not quite yet, and not quite fully.

During Advent, specifically the four Sundays leading up to Christmas, we focus on four words, four concepts, four characteristics of a Christian life as we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. Generally, we focus on Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. (You will find that the four words sometimes change or maybe they appear in a different order. But nonetheless, we focus on preparing our hearts and minds not only to celebrate Jesus' birth and to prepare our hearts and minds for Jesus to come again, but also to help us to continue to usher in God's kingdom in this "almost" but "not yet" time right now.)

As part of that preparation, let's focus on going from "almost Christmas" to an "ALTOGETHER Christmas." Let's see what it may mean for us as followers of Jesus to go from an "almost peace," an "almost hope," an "almost joy," and an "almost love" to an "ALTOGETHER" peace, hope, joy and love.

We are going to have an Advent all-church Bible study this year during Advent. It will begin Tuesday, December 1st and will last four weeks. We will have an afternoon Zoom session at 2:30 p.m. and another Zoom session at 7:00 p.m. (Unfortunately, with the number of COVID cases rising, we have decided to delay in-the-building groups a bit longer.) You will not need to purchase any resource to participate. We will use Scripture to guide our discussions and I will send some questions for you to contemplate before each session.

We simply want to know that you are going to participate and when (afternoon or evening). You can email me directly ( to let me know how you plan to participate.

Following Jesus requires us to follow Him completely, not just to be an "almost Christian," but to be an "altogether Christian." What better time to recommit ourselves to Jesus than the time of preparation leading up to His birth, during the time of Advent.

Pastor Doug