Judgement Free Zone

Dear Friends,


Now, I know it doesn’t really look like it, but about a month ago I joined Planet Fitness. So, Brenda and I try to get there two or three times a week to lift weights and spend time on the treadmill or elliptical machine or stationary bike and just generally get in better shape.


One of the reasons I like Planet Fitness as opposed to some other gym is they call the place a “Judgement Free Zone.” That is, it doesn’t matter what you look like or how athletic you are or how much you can lift, you are welcome. It is truly my kind of place. They even

spelled the word “Judgement” wrong, in American English it’s supposed to be “Judgment,” without the “e.” But when I Googled some information about it, they said that at first it was just a mistake, but then it was decided that they would stick with the misspelling because it is different and stands out and fits in with the judgement free personality of the place.


On the wall, there is a statement of the philosophy of the gym. It says, in part: “As we evolve and educate ourselves, we will seek to protect this safe, energetic environment where everyone feels accepted and respected. We are not here to kiss your butt [Am I allowed to say

that word in a church email?], only to kick it if that’s what you need. We need you, because face it, our planet wouldn’t be the same without you. You belong!”


I like those words. I think something like it could hang here on the wall of our church. The sentiment would be that we need to challenge and inspire each other to live better and deeper spiritual lives and draw closer to God. But we also need to accept each other as we are and respect each other. Each one of us hopefully feels like we belong – it wouldn’t be the same without you -- in this Judgement (I debated whether to spell it wrong or not) Free Zone!


Grace and Hope to you,

Pastor Duane