Share and Invite

Dear Friends,

I was really touched a couple of weeks ago to hear Brandon Collins' sermon on how we each one of us have worth and value and make an impact on one another. (Hopefully, you got to hear his message either in person or online.) I was especially moved by his story of how, in his former career as a banker, a colleague from work, Roxanne, did a simple thing that changed his life forever: she invited him to church. Brandon and Ashley, his wife, didn't really grow up in a church and weren't attending anywhere at the time. But Roxanne asked if they wanted to come with her to church because she thought hearing about the love of Jesus might just change their lives.

And it has. They didn't end up joining Roxanne's church, although they attended a few times. But it started a journey that led them to Imagination Station and Southport United Methodist Church.  Brandon and his family have been such a big part our church, and a blessing to so many, for a number of years now. And Brandon has told me of the impact that so many of you at the church have had on him. Roxanne's invitation did, in fact, change their lives.

Every invitation to church has the potential to change a life. Every invitation promises an introduction to the grace and hope of Jesus Christ, which I believe is what everyone needs. It's what the world needs!

And what's more, most invitations are accepted. That's right, this statistic has held pretty steady over a number of years, that 60 percent of those who are invited to church by a friend or family member will come and check it out. Sixty percent! I'm not sure where else you might be getting that kind of a return on your investment of time and energy.

I know inviting someone to church is different and difficult now. You may not have come back to church yet yourself. But you can always be preparing for that invitation, thinking now of who you might invite, praying for that person, sharing with him/her something about the church, perhaps sharing a post or message on Facebook if you are both on social media.

Who knows, what you do, the invitation you extend, the message you share, may just change a life.

Grace and Hope to you,

Pastor Duane