The Best Medicine

Dear Friends,

A good friend shared this little story with me: A physician was once asked what the single best medicine was that he could prescribe. The doctor's response was that the best medicine for any human being is love. The other person followed up by asking, "But what if that doesn't work?" To which the physician replied, "Then increase the dosage."

Someone said a long time ago that all you need is love, and I think that is so true. It's just that sometimes, when it seems like it's not working, we have to remember to increase the dose of love we offer.

It sure seems like love is in short supply these days. Some of the recent headlines are about the exponential increase in rude behavior at airports and on airplanes and the huge escalation in dangerous, deadly drivers out on the road. Those of us who think that love is the answer are just going to have to be willing to put more effort into getting our remedy out into the world.

One of the great leaders of the early church, Saint Augustine, told people, "Love and do as you will." If everything you do, in other words, is done out of love, the end result will always be positive and good.

Jesus put it this way, when asked by someone about the greatest commandment: he said to love the Lord God with all your heart and soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Love, love, love. You convinced me. That doctor was right. It is the best medicine. It really is all you need.

Grace (and Love) and Hope to you,

Pastor Duane