Those Who Hope Us Along

Dear Friends,

Our District Superintendent, Dr. Aleze Fulbright, mentioned recently that she was in a meeting when someone started talking about "those people who have hoped me along." This little, unassuming phrase stuck out to her, and she wrote it down as something she wanted to remember. It was such a powerful sentiment, she thought to herself.

Usually, we talk about those who help us along, those who do something that helps us in some way. But it is just as important, maybe more so in many ways, to know that some people are hoping us along, giving us hope along life's journey when we're tempted to give up or make due. Maybe you know they're praying for you through a tough time, or they give you a little word of encouragement when you really need it, or challenge you to reach for your best, but they speak hope to you when life is tough and difficult.

I would encourage you today to think about those people who have hoped you along over the years and continue to hope you along. Think about them, thank God for them silently in your heart, and maybe even go to them and thank them for being a person who gives you hope.

And I would encourage you too to be a person who gives people hope, one who speaks hope into the lives of others and hopes them along.

Grace and Hope to you,

Pastor Duane