You Are Who God Says You Are

Dear Friends,

Craig Groeschel is the pastor of a church out in Oklahoma City and a writer. I have enjoyed his books over the years, and especially appreciated his newest one, Winning the War in Your Mind. He talks about the lies we sometimes tell ourselves, that can harm us and defeat us. But we can begin to transform our lives if don't listen to those lies and instead fill our minds and hearts with truth. Craig says that you should remind yourself often that:


"You are not controlled by fear.
You are not stuck.
You are not a slave to your habits.
You are not a prisoner to your addictions.
You are not a victim.
You are not failing.
You are not unlikable.
You are not unworthy of love.
You are not your past.
You are not what you did.
You are not what someone else did to you.
You are not who others say you are.
You are not who your unhealthy thoughts say you are.
You are not done.
You. Are. Who. God. Says. You. Are.
Because of Christ:
You are loved.
You are forgiven.
You are healed.
You are new.
You are redeemed.
You are free.
You are blessed.
You are strong and mighty.
You are chosen.
You are empowered.
You are a weapon of righteousness in a world of darkness."

He ends with this memorable sentence: "Let the truth about you trickle in, become a torrent, and transform you." I think maybe you can see why I like his writing.

Grace and Hope to you,

Pastor Duane